At the intersection of sass, spice and spunk.
Apply liberally and repeat.

What is Sauc'y (sȯ-sē)?

Get Sauc'y

Rosé all day and need something with a kick for those oysters -- get sauc'y

Friends coming over for brunch and want to wow them with a cool bloody mary recipe -- get sauc'y

Your little niece is visiting and need her to eat her vegetables -- get sauc'y

Parents coming over for dinner and you have 30 minutes to Martha Stewart the hell out of the 3 items in your fridge -- get sauc'y

Perfect Pairings

The Sauc'y Story

Three decades ago, when two sisters from Zimbabwe moved to the U.S. at the ripe ages of 2 and 5, they dreamed of one day launching a condiments company. JUST KIDDING! But they did always dream of building something meaningful. 
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